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Here are Art, Creative, Design's palace.Here is the designers Youya's costume works, about design and made. The most inspiration were from Classic costume, Fairytale, Fairies, The Elf, Gothic, Steampunk and so on.

Thank you very much you'd like Nalisinko's works, and thanks for your supports could made Nalisinko share more inspirations and enthusiasm for everyone.
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Dark Olive Green

Dark oilve green jeanette, Oilve green stretch meshes, Water soluble lace, Woven lace, Elastic lace, Ribbon roses.

All of the Design, made and embroidery was made by youya

+The Shoes were designed and made by Nalisinko Workshop+

Complete working hours: 18 hours

The model is Soom 2008 MD Onyx shadow RO head + Spiritdoll Prond girl 1st body


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